Nationals Baseball: We all know Oliver Perez HAS no future

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We all know Oliver Perez HAS no future

Prove me wrong, Ollie. Prove me wrong.


Marsden said...

Nothing like the department of barrel scraping getting involved early. Giving the timing I really can't see this working unless the Nats see something in his delivery they think they can easily correct. More than likely this is just a good will gesture to Scott Boras to keep his client from being unemployed for a bit.

Anonymous said...

I like this move. I think he has proven that he can pitch batting practice to Nats minor league batters.

bdrube said...

He's got a future--$12 million pays for a whole LOT of tee-times and maybe a few of Tiger Woods's ex-girlfriends in the clubhouse afterwards.

In fact, if I were him you'd never see my rich ass around a ballfield ever again. :)

Lee said...

Will he even make the starting rotation in Syracuse? If not, I bet the 12 mill goes a long, long way in Harrisburg. Further than a Brian Bixler homerun even!

Harper said...

Trescmi - I think the Rizzo is thinking "everyone loves lefties - if we can make Ollie useful - we can trade him out for SOMETHING". It's not a bad move for a team with nothing to lose. I was wondering why good teams wanted Ollie though.

Anon - Still a bad deal. I'll pitch BP for peanuts. Literally. But I will demand honey-roasting.

bdrube - $12 million? That's just what he's owed this year. The guys closing in on 50 mill in the bank. $50 million for one great year and one good one in 8 seasons. Jesus, I got to have some sons.

Lee - I think he does. Maya, Detwiler, they like Mock. I'm sure there are better arms for 4th and 5th than Ollie, but I don't there anyone else there that needs to pitch NOW. Atilano? Martin? Chico? They can all take another couple months off.

Hoo said...

If we can find another newish or gently used toolsy outfielder to fulfill our wildest fantasies, the return of Bowden will be copmlete!

This is a nice move given that it's basically a free reclamation project. Makes much more sense than the Cabrera move. It's more like the Estes signing.

The Lee Hyde move is interesting. Nats are fulfilling the old "You can never have too much relief pitching." saying. (that's how it goes right?)