Nationals Baseball: Did anyone think it was going to be anything else?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Did anyone think it was going to be anything else?

LaRoche has "major" shoulder problems and it's looking more and more likely he'll miss the rest of 2011. I hope everyone had learned their lessons from the previous Nationals that had minor, potentially playable through injuries that ended up needing major surgery. Once happens. Twice is a pattern. Forty-two times is malpractice. I think that's how the saying goes.

Can the Nats get a medical staff with some backbone please? Of course the players are going to want to play. Of course the management is going to want them to play. The medical staff's job though should be to deliver the tough news and hold them out if they can't; not try to view the situation in a way that allows them to play. "Most medical evidence suggests that his leg is severed, but there was a case in Albania once where it was just a mass hallucination caused by eating the KappiKappi plant. Let's roll with that potential scenario for 3 weeks".

With that being said what are the chances Nix still has both his feet in two weeks?

Oh well whatever. It gives time for the Nats to evaluate Mike Morse and Roger Bernadina at the same time to keep themselves from being fooled another year thinking they might be able to be full-time players. (of course that's silly - they'll work Ankiel into the mix just enough to keep doubt alive). For those Roger Bernadina lovers - his career BA and OBP is .246 and .307 respectively. He's hitting .246 and .307 right now. Given that he's not much of a power hitter, what type of major league hitter do you think he is? .280 and .365? I'd still give him till the All-Star break but that's only because I want to remove all doubt. For those Mike Morse lovers - it's been like 3 games. Calm down. He will hit better because he is a better hitter than he showed in the first month. But he needs to keep this up for a good long stretch. Given that it's doubtful he can play 1st next year he has to hit like last year to justify starting him in the OF, where he can't really play.

One more thing from the above link
With Adam LaRoche on the disabled list, Riggleman has said Michael Morse, Matt Stairs, Alex Cora and even Ankiel could see time at first base. Ankiel has never played first, but has been taking grounders there in practice.
If Alex Cora, who hasn't been an average hitter since 2004, who has "slugged" over .400 once in his career, who is the definition of "veteran MI on the bench because your manager loves veterans and you always need a MI", starts a game at first base I think the franchise should fold.

Ed Note : I wait until after I post to read any Nats blogs, mainly because I'm afraid I'll have nothing new to say and then not post anything. Occasionally this means I get a situation where I write nearly the same exact thing as someone else. So go read FJB's hours earlier take on the LaRoche situation, since it's basically the same as my post. Well more accurately mine is the same as his. Also tangentally related - read Past a Diving Vidro's LaRoche Shoulder timeline to relive the whole "saga".


Wally said...

To Rizzo's credit, he appears to have eliminated much of the farce around the franchise from the last few years (like Natinals), but this medical thing is just ludicrous. I don't get it. If someone did a cost-benefit analysis over player games lost due to medical incompetence, including those days where we play with 24 guys while we wait to put someone on the DL, I think that it would justify paying top dollar for a quality staff.

As for the season, sure, go ahead and play Morse and Bernie. I mean, what are the options? Ankiel or Stairs? That has no predictive value for the future, and isn't even going to get us more wins right now. Bernie and Morse are what they are - good bench guys. Maybe a decent platoon in LF if you are expecting to hit them 7th. But go ahead and play them. (As an aside, I find it funny to hear about Ankiel getting time at first. Isn't he in CF because of his defense? I mean, it can't be the offense, right?)

As for the season, I think that I would blow it up. If you even can. Trade whatever is not named JZimm, Ramos, Espy or Desi from the big league team for a position player that you could . I would trade any bullpen guy if he could bring a position player piece. Alonso, one of the CF's in Minny's system, something like that.

bdrube said...

I pretty much completely agree with Wally. Regarding Bernandina, I was shaking my head when they originally sent him down because they said he needs to play every day. Dude gives every appearance of being a 4th outfielder type: a little bit of power, a little bit of speed, a decent defender, but not enough of any of them to be a full timer.

Harper said...

Wally - You play Bernadina and Morse because there is a 1 in 100 chance they become something very useful in 2012-2014. There isn't that chance for Ankiel and Stairs.

I guess you play Ankiel at 1st because he's so good at D he can adjust to playing first while Bernadina can not?

I don't see how you blow it up. Who has real value? Marquis might but he'd have to get hot again. He's not worth much right now. The older bullpen arms are good but those don't fetch much in return. I can't see them bringing in a major league ready OF piece. Livan? Pudge? Nix? I guess though you might as well dump these guys for anything - even just depth. Chances are if you deal all of them you'll get one or two useful young players from that haul and maybe you get lucky and get an actual good player.

bdrube - I have expressed my doubts about Bernadina for a while now but I'd rather they put him out there every day for 2 months so at the end they can say "Yes, we are sure - He isn't the answer" and move on. If he ever starts again they can freely say he's just temporarily filling a space - not trying out for a spot.