Nationals Baseball: Yay Lannan!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yay Lannan!

11 baserunners in 6 1/3, including 2 doubles. 2 runs. And he didn't even let the 2nd one in himself (thanks alot Cole). Classic Lannan. Love that guy. Maya who?


Wally said...

Funny. I had been thinking about him a lot during yesterday's game, too. I think that they should get whatever they can for him now, while he is reasonably cheap. I used to be a fan, but now I fear he'll be a pumpkin soon.

His walk rate is just way too high, not sustainable for anyone, but especially someone with his style and if he hasn't figured that out by now, I don't think it will happen.

I am ready for Maya, Meyers, or even Milone.

Todd Boss said...

Lannan is certainly the first in line to be replaced, but we don't really have anyone in AAA quite yet deserving of the promotion.

The incumbent seemed to be Detwiler, but he's really struggling so far this year in AAA. Maya started slow and is coming around, but I want to see more Ks out of him. Milone's k/bb ratio is fantastic but he's not on the 40-man (though we seem to have an empty spot right now, so perhaps that's a non-issue). Meyers needs a few more AAA starts but the evidence is there. Lastly Stammen believe it or not may have the best case of them all; best whip, decent numbers, and outside of one bad start has been solid.

Interesting decisions lay ahead, especially if Lannan has a couple bad outings in a row. Remember; Lannan has minor league options (two of them if I read his transactions correctly). Not really a good statement to option a former opening day starter, but the team has to do what is best.

Wally said...

Todd - does Maya have those additional strikeouts in him, or is this what he is? If the latter, maybe time to see how he plays in the majors. Seems like he is going well right now. I wouldn't option Lannan (Rizzo probably will, though). Like Stammen, I think that if the org removes him again from the rotation, they have given up on him. So I say trade him now for whatever you can get, which won't be much but might be a RH version of Corey Brown. He is not going to get more trade value in the minors. I am a big Stammen fan, actually, but I just don't see the team giving him a real chance again. Not as a starter, anyway. Hope that I am wrong.

Detwiler - I dunno, just have a feeling that he is never going to make it as a starter. Also hope that I am wrong.

Harper said...

It sound like you think I'm being sarcastic. I love Lannan - despite what the numbers say. Not that I think that he's a "winner" or someone pitches to the score or that crap, but I love to see a guy confound the close-minded in the sabermetric group and I want to keep him pitching for as long as possible.

He has the 4th worst WHIP in the league but a completely acceptable ERA. Again! It's great!