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Monday, November 28, 2011

Did you know : Paul Maurice

I know this isn't about baseball or about DC; but living in Durham Paul Maurice's career has always fascinated me as a testament to having the right friends.  How do you get a head coaching job in the NHL at age 28?  How do you keep it for so long being nothing special? How do you get re-hired after another non-special stint elsewhere?  Be buddies with the GM.  Hey Mike Rizzo, want to get a beer somewhere? Did you know:
  • Paul Maurice is the youngest coach to coach in 1000 NHL games. For someone to break his record they would have to start coaching at age 31 and coach over 12 consecutive years. (Chien-Ming Wang was 31 this year) Currently the coach hired at the youngest age in the NHL was 36 when he was hired.
  • Paul Marice is a year younger than the young Kirk Muller hired to replace him
  • Paul Maurice is 14th on the list for games coached, and 21st for games won despite a winning percentage of just over .500 (Boudreau had a .672 regular season winning percentage.  For contrast for those that know nothing of hockey, Earl Weaver, arguably the best modern manager, had a winning percentage of .583)
  • Paul Maurice coached for 9 seasons before coaching a team that was completely made up of players younger than he was
  • Paul Maurice was currently the 8th youngest coach in the NHL

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