Nationals Baseball: Goodness In Baseball Bravery, Yep?

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Goodness In Baseball Bravery, Yep?

I don't know if I like or don't like the fact this article was written as if I knew what the acronym "GIBBY" stood for.


Ehren said... just listed the Top 50 Free Agents as they see them:

They list the Nats as the best fit for both Jose Reyes and Coco Crisp. I, for one, can't buy into those suggestions. Would love your thoughts on the recommendations...

Hoo said...

Bixler to Astros. Where is the blog topic on this? Am I to be left pondering the fate of Gomes?

I'll miss Bixler as a super utility guy always seems to be helfpul...and sometimes easy to find! Corey Brown needs to pull his weight!

michael K said...

Bixler was addition by subtraction, IMO. I like having a speedster off the bench, but he was just so abysmal of a hitter, and his penchant for getting picked off first base decreases his worth as a pinch runner.

Also, Wang was resigned! One year/4M. A bit steep, but only one year, which is a good tradeoff considering the risk factor. I'm already wondering how much he'll cost next year if he performs well.

Overall I like both moves.

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