Nationals Baseball: It begins - Nats Championship Predictions

Monday, March 25, 2013

It begins - Nats Championship Predictions

I'll post all "official" Washington Nationals WS winning predictions here.  I'll just keep updating as I find more. : Verducci and 3 others out of 7 predictions. (7 out of 7 NL East Pennants)

Yahoo Sports : 3 out of 4 predictions - Passan is the only one not to pick the Nats (4 out of 4 NL East Pennants)

Sporting News : 2 out of 4 predictions (Witrado also picks division winners - Nats to win NL East)

ESPN : 16 out of 43! predictions.(38 out of 43 NL East pennants)

Sportsline : 0 for 1 (NL East Champs)

Fox Sports : 1 for 2 (2 for 2 in NL East pennants)


NatsVA said...

Here we go!

mike k said...

Cliff Corcoran writes as if the Tigers are going to win. So he must have made an editorial mistake somewhere - the only question is where?

Dr Trea (formerly #werthquake) said...

Hey, rather being the favorite for the WS than the favorite for the #1 overall pick

Froggy said...

I want some of whatever Ben Reiter is smoking. The Dodgers? C'mon....

DezoPenguin said...

Yeah, the Dodgers are way too much like the Yankees this year--paying too much for the aging, the injured, and the retreaded. However, there's a significant difference: the Yankees are confining their problems to the lineup, and retain an excellent pitching staff.

Unknown said...

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