Nationals Baseball: O-Minus 10 days

Friday, March 22, 2013

O-Minus 10 days

Or 9 or 8 depending on how and what you are looking at.

Some random thoughts (as I'm focused on some round orange ball related things right now)
  • Reading through the comments on the last post it's obvious that the Storen deal is a vocal minority of haters, with a silent majority of supporters. Good to know Nats fans haven't yet reached that "everyone must be an all-star" level of thinking. Yet
  • Also - I didn't say I was sort of glad Davey was retiring because of Game 5 or anything to do with his actual managing.  I said it because I'm getting a little tired of the whole "I'm an old man. I can say what I want. grumble grumble anachronistic saying" bit.  Davey's a good manager as much as that matters.
  • The good thing about the WBC?  No teams forced to travel across the world for games that count a week before the season starts.   I'll take the WBC every year over having teams shipped to Asia in mid-March for "regular season" games.
  • Here's praying that everyone gets the last "clown question" jokes out of their system before the season starts. 
  • I don't think interleague everyday will bother me other than the fact the daily boxscores will have to include that as a section just for one game. 
  • Do the winners of the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues get anything? I think they should get Cactuses and Grapefruits respectively. See how the other half lives. 
  • Chapman to pen. Give the Reds fans what they wanted. Also good for the Nats and good for me (kept Leake in a fantasy league hoping this would happen) Hooray for everyone! 
  • Speaking of Chapman, let us also pray that the Nats never bring up Giolito or Solis or Purke, etc. to close games late in the season. They'll look good and then we'll have to deal with this stupid argument.
  • Also, that first weekend series against the Reds is immediately must watch right?
  • The distance from Pitchers and Catchers to Opening Day this year is the same as Opening Day to May 20th. Interminable...except it isn't. Almost over. Almost starting.


Dr Trea (formerly #werthquake) said...

"Here's praying that everyone gets the last "clown question" jokes out of their system before the season starts. "

couldn't agree with this one more!

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