Nationals Baseball: Who does the layoff hurt - player version

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Who does the layoff hurt - player version

This layoff is bad for fans, and it's bad for teams but it's also bad for players too.  I know what you are saying - of course it is. But also it's particularly bad for certain types of players.

The Gamblers

These players took one year deals in the off-season. Some were unable to get the contract they wanted and were betting on themselves. Others were looking for a shot at playoff success. Still others were coming back off a terrible year or injury and needed to show they could still bring it.

These include Marcell Ozuna (Braves), Cole Hamels (Braves), Odorizzi (Twins), Didi (Phillies), Encarnacion (White Sox), Betances (Mets), Porcello (Mets), Treinen (Dodgers), Gausman (Giants), Teheran (Angels)

The Comeback Kids 

These players were going into a FA year on a slide. To get another big deal they needed a strong 2020. 

These include : Yoenis Cespedes (DNP in 2019), Giancarlo Stanton (18G played for the Yankees - he's actually not in a bad spot because it was his opt out choice), Jake Arrieta (24 starts - 4.64 ERA, more back of the rotation vet then the rotation leader he sees himslef), Masahiro Tanaka (4.45 ERA, isn't too bad in the AL but isn't big money pitching), Andrelton Simmons (80 OPS+, still a defensive whiz but needs to hit SOMETHING), Jose Quintana (4.63 ERA, quickly becoming just another arm)

The Old Guys

Past a certain age, employment is simply not guaranteed as GMs would rather pay young guys next to nothing than to burn a few million on someone who may hit the wall. 

Rich Hill (40), Nelson Cruz (40), Darren O'Day (38), Sergio Romo (38), J A Happ (38) Kurt Suzuki (37), Yuri Gurriel (37), Jon Lester (37), Anibal Sanchez (37),

And most importantly Nick "Marchkakis to 3000" (37)

You noticed a few Nats names on there - who else hits the FA market after this year and what do I think about the year off for them?

Doolittle - Had an off year but not far enough off the kill the value of a strong relief piece who still has 2-3 years in him minimum. Lefties age well.

Kendrick - Tougher for him because he had a great year and another one could give him a Nelson Cruz esque late career pay day.  Now not so much.  Will still get a contract though

Suzuki - tough but catchers always get signed if they aren't terrible and Kurt was still good at the plate

As Cab - I could see this being the end of major league deals for Cabrera. He's a decent player but he's in that middle ground that teams are now leaving alone.

Zimm - Up to him. Team would have him back for a cheap farewell year I bet.


Will said...

Thanks Harper! If they end up playing a truncated season, does that potentially help the old guys? Thinking they may not need to pace themselves like they would over 162.

Harper said...

Nah - I'd say pacing yourself doesn't really happen outside of planned versions (where say you play 3-4 games a week). Shorter seasons can hlep but really it's a roll of the dice. The further you get under 100 games the more you get into random streaks of luck, bad or good, defining your season.

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