Nationals Baseball: Monday Quickie - First weekend done

Monday, July 27, 2020

Monday Quickie - First weekend done

The season is 1/20th over!

You can't read anything from three games, performance wise, so we won't go into any of that other than to talk about starting pitching work. Max? Ok, pretty typical "bad" Max, where a couple pitches get away from him, he loses control for a batter (maybe two) and things work out in a way that matters.  Erick Fedde looked good early but almost fell apart in the 4th and I think this is sort of the best you are going to get from Fedde. Patrick Corbin looked great and this is why you go three aces deep.  Max is going to get old one day. Stras is his usual mecurial, oft-dinged, self. Corbin though can step in and be that number 1.

The pen failed to hold the Yankees in game 3, which is always a worry, but they did fine in game 2. The runs scored were a little low. Would they be better with Soto? Of course! Let's get that test back! If these are problems we'll see it throughout the next couple of series. Right now you just think about it.

Baseball as a whole sort of made it through weekend one.  An audience desperate for sport gave the Opening Day it's best ratings in a decade. I'm sure the weekend games also did much stronger than normal. I bet NBA and NHL both see similar bumps if not as extreme (you'd rather be first out of the box than third). So far... so getting by.


Nick said...

Sooooooo now half of the Marlins are positive and now they're cancelling games. Time to panic that we may not make it to the end of the month before they just shut it down?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. This does not look good.

And beyond the canceled games they don't have time to make up, it's crazy to me that more players aren't opting out.

I mean, I kind of get it for anyone who is still on their rookie contract. Lots of them really haven't made much money yet, and roster time is so valuable there could be huge implications to your lifetime earnings. But everyone who is on an extension or a FA deal can skip this season and just lose 1/3 of a year's pay. That's not more than 10% of lifetime earnings for anyone. It seems to me just so clearly not worth it.

If my company was trying to make me go into the office, I'd quit in a second. And if I had a contract saying they'd have to take me back next year, it would be an even easier decision.

I get that baseball players really love playing baseball. But I'm stunned we're not seeing something like 50% opt-outs from veteran players.

Robot said...

In my long-gone days of little league, if a team didn't have enough players show up, they had to forfeit. Can we just make the Marlins do that? It's not like they were actually going to win this year, anyway.

Harper said...

Nick - yes.

Robot - I think forfeits would be a fine idea. But I think they don't want to do it because they fear the precedent (not saying this is smart)

I think ultimately this shows only a bubble system of sorts where the players movements are controlled will work. Will they pause for a week then move to that? I don't know. I think it's more likely they don't pause at all and keep things going as is and we get dealt one more blow that proves fatal to the season (and hopefully not to a person)

Anonymous said...

What happens if a team can't play for a couple of weeks?

Harper said...

Anon @ 12:24 - no idea. there's no plan and no precedent in the game itself. If a team gets wiped out (say plan crash) they'd probably field a AAA team and the game itself sets up a draft from MLB rosters to reset the team. But this is not that. Not only is the team out but presumably their AAA is unsafe to play in their location*

My guess on what we see is a postponing of games until enough players on the team can get double negative tests. Then fill in for those not sick. Games maybe made up, maybe not.

*though not really because surface transmission seems exceedingly low but for some reason they won't take that chance but will stick everyone in a dugout when it rains. It's all very confusing.