Nationals Baseball: Monday Quickie

Monday, July 20, 2020

Monday Quickie

T-minus 3 days until sort-of good enough baseball

To recap on what has happened for the Nats the past couple of months:
  • They had their shortened draft and signed their guys and that's about all you need to know about that.
  • The Nats released some names that might be familiar with you : Drew Ward, JB Shuck, Dante Bichette "Jr", 
  • Adrian Sanchez was effectively lost for the year. 
  • Joe Ross, Wellington Castillo, and Ryan Zimmerman chose not to play 
  • Wander Suero and Roenis Elais got Covid and presumably got over it

And before that
  • Rendon left for LA
  • Parra left for Japan
  • Koda Glover retired
  • They didn't re-sign Dozier or Adams
  • They did re-sign Stras and Howie (and Gomes and AsCab)
  • They brought in Will Harris and traded for Ryne Harper to help the pen
  • They signed Starlin Castro to play 2B and Eric Thames to play the memorial Adam Lind / Matt Adams spot 
And before that

They won the World Series

More tomorrow! But probably in this later in the day time frame if you are wondering.


Sheriff69 said...

Odds the "full" "season" gets finished?

PotomacFan said...

My question, as a faithful baseball and Nats fan, is what is the level of interest in the upcoming season among the readers of this blog? As for me, I'm finding it very difficult to generate any enthusiasm, for several reasons. First, I'm not confident that they will be able to finish the season. Second, a 60-game season is just not baseball. It's a small sample size. If I were a mediocre team that is prone to mid-season fading (think Colorado Rockies), I might be excited, because a good start can get them into the playoffs. As a Nationals fan, I want to play 160 games so that the truly good teams (e.g. the Nationals) can rise to the top.

Harper said...

S69 - 75%? We'll know in a couple of weeks once travel happens how likely we are to see a spread. Assuming the US trends down (let's hope) it should only get less likely after that.

PF- My enthusiasm level is "happy it seems to be happening and happening safely" I don't think I'll be overly invested but baseball serves as the background noise for me for 6 months of the year so I'm glad to have it back.

I don't really care about a 60 game season. There's no magic to 162. It was just fit to the playable weather of the year. Maybe 200 would be best or 100. The shorter season leads to more variability sure but it's still unlikely a terrible team makes the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the negativism. I was SO excited to turn on a meaningless game in an empty Camden Yards that I reset my schedule to be home for the three hour block. Just to see the guys. To see Howie turn on that fastball and knock Soto in to grab the lead. To see Stras wiggle out of jams. To watch Fedde (!) come in to slam the door shut in the 9th. It's baseball, people, and it's our Nats. I'll be fixated again tonight to see the first game on TV at Nats Park too. I am super excited for the season and could care less that it is different, or shorter. It's baseball. We are the defending champs. Let's do this!!

Chaos56 said...

Things that keep me up at night--since he had to go through the protocols in order to be on the fireld, does Dr. Fauci get to stay and watch the game?

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