Nationals Baseball: Nats "Come Back" tour 2021

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Nats "Come Back" tour 2021

Note it's not a "comeback" tour.  The Nats aren't coming back to anything. But some former Nats are coming back to the team. Doolittle! Parra! Why not make it complete and grab any former Nats out there? Turns out there are just too many to do that! But you can pick and choose some of the better ones. 


Lobaton, Ramos, and Lucroy  - Yep the only available catchers are ALL former Nats.  Lucroy was the best last year in EXTREMELY limited at bats. Lobaton was terrible, as you can imagine being he was almost out of baseball. Ramos has aged to the point he can't keep his average up and can't generate enough power to make up for that. PASS PASS PASS


Matt Adams - the only available first baseman is also a former Nat... huh.  He's been flat bad for three years now which includes his last year with the Nats.  The Nats have Bell and don't need a back-up who bats from the same side of the plate, even if he was ok, which he's not. PASS


No Former Nats! (Drury should find a place somewhere. Lowrie maybe - he's old. Sogard and Panik are trash) 


Jordy Mercer - I mean he's not any worse than what is here. But what is here is already here. PASS (the non-Nats Freddy Galvis is nothing special but should find a home somewhere on someone's bench.  He'd possibly be better than what the Nats have! But also not that much better that I'd care to sign him) 


Asdrubal Cabrera, Starlin Castro - PAAAAASSSSS on Castro. Asdrubal did not have a good year last year but it was the first time that's happened. Maybe it's age or maybe it's a blip.  Either way with Kieboom out the Nats could use a guy and this is a guy. A good one. SIGN (Culberson is the other guy and like Galvis - meh - probably ends up on a bench) 


Brian Goodwin! - You know... I think you can make this case.  I mean the Nats are what? Soto then... Robles if he gets his head on straight and Lane Thomas because he had a good two months last year?  Yadi Hernandez? Donovan Casey?  It's not a great signing but this is about the COME BACK tour!  I think this can be justified  SIGN

Adam Eaton - no power, no average, can't walk enough to make up for that. OK in the corner I guess but when you hit like Stevenson you gotta field better than him. Eaton doesn't. PASS

At this point there are too many to go over all available - Conforto is still out there and is the best. Dickerson and Pham are decent players


No former Nats - also Nats really don't need one. 


No former Nats - Shame bc Nats really do need one.  Only three guys out there could be said to do more than fill space. Brett Anderson, who'd be a decent 3/4/5 depending. Johnny Cueto who is not quite done and would be a fun vet guy to have around, and maaaybe Drew Smyly who occasionally looks ok so trying him as a 5th wouldn't be necessarily giving up to fill space.  I'd like to see Cueto here. I like Cueto


Clippard, Holland, Kintzler, Petit, Rosenthal, Strickland, Abad, Detwiler - Clippard still gets results, even if last year was a little lucky, the previous two were not. He was just good. Petit is solid - basically his Nats year was his worst. Strickland is good? And very importantly we thought he'd come in here and be a big dumb baby and he wasn't.  Still... his time with the Nats was pretty awful.  Makes it hard to want him back even if he was ok last year. Rest are trash So in conclusion SIGN PASS PASS SIGN PASS PASS PASS PASS

Give it up for your returning 2022 Nats Asdrubal Cabrera, Brian Goodwin, Tyler Clippard and Yusmeiro Petit!


Chas R said...

Yay! That was a fun little exercise! Thanks Harper!

Whatever happened to Danny "The K" Espinosa?

Harper said...

In Mexico

Kevin Rusch said...

Sure, grab Cueto, Anderson, Asdrubal, Clippart, Petit, and Goodwin.

Any of those guys, if they have a good 4 months, will be useful chips to trade.
The current payroll is $129M, and you know some of that is going to go away when they trade Cruz in July. You could probably get all of them for $25M on one-year deals, and again, 1/3 of that comes off the books at the trade deadline. (or you can pick up the remainder of their contracts and get better prospects in return.)

dc rl said...

Yes, this was a fun concept -- until you stop and realize that it's no joke: all of these unwanted guys actually look like improvements to the current roster.

Kevin Rusch said...

Of course, I don't know that there are 6 spots on the 40-man that you could free up for them. There's maybe 1 or 2 guys who would pass through waivers, but not 6, and if the idea is to sign these guys then flip them, you really can't afford to expose many lottery tickets to waivers.

You could probably DFA Voth without a lot of risk, and Hunter Harvey probably won't be around long.