Nationals Baseball: Waiting on the end of season - but some updates

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Waiting on the end of season - but some updates

A-Ball is over, but Fredricksburg plays on in the low A (regular A?  Not High A) playoffs.  The extended minor league seasons means AA isn't quite over yet and AAA is weeks away. There isn't much a point to review guys who's seasons aren't over even if it's just a few games. Just let it wrap up, right?  

But I guess some guys are in fact done so let's look at them 

Aldo Ramirez (Schwarber) - 21 -  SP - TJ

Richard Guasch (Gomes/Harrison) - 24 - SP - Ended his season in A+ and after starting with a run of 8 appearances (12 IP) and no runs, gave up 6 runs in his last 3 appearances (4 IP).  Dead arm? Anyway obviously not called up after that finish. Not a starter anymore - he'll prep for the pen and we'll see him in A+ or AA next year. Who knows?

Drew Millas (Gomes/Harrison) - 24 - C - Middling A+ work but the Pineda catcher shuffle meant they needed someone in AA. Again not hitting. Age and need suggests he'll be around next year but doesn't seem like more than org filler.

Seth Shuman (Gomes/Harrison) - 24 - SP - Right around last update got hurt and hasn't pitched since.  With what? No one seems to care. Shame because he was doing well.

Jordy Barley (Hudson) - 22 - SS - Same message as last time : Not a professional baseball player. At 23 he might get one more go but can't handle A+ ball pitching so far. 

There is nothing good here. But that's kind of expected. You'd have to be a low A guy moved up to A+ but not have a place in AA to be a positive and also be done. No one's played themselves out of the game yet, though Barley is pretty close. Still everyone here, except Aldo could probably be dropped by the Nats, not get picked up and no one would bat an eye.


If you are wondering, everyone in the deadline deals is still playing somewhere.

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