Nationals Baseball: Monday Quickie - 5 to win 1

Monday, September 25, 2023

Monday Quickie - 5 to win 1

The goal is to win 70 right now. With one week ahead of them this is a minor victory they can point at to say things like "we were in the 50s in wins and now we are in the 70s" all winter long. But they were better and were fun so give them 70 I guess. 

The Mets have made things interesting as far as last place goes, currently on a four game losing streak and holding a 3-7 record in the last 10 to keep the Nats in the race for 4th. Granted it was a lot of one-run losses in there and the Mets are better than the Nats but there's an opening. Plus the Mets take on the Marlins who are still in the thick of the WC hunt. Of course the Nats play the Orioles who still need wins to sew up the AL East so don't expect an easy game tomorrow. Maybe if the O's win and Rays lose on Tuesday, the O's will let up on Wednesday.

What we saw was Jackson Rutledge have a 2nd good game in a row without the "it's the White Sox" caveat.  Yeah the Braves kind of "split-squad" the double header, but the top of the line-up 1-5 were still good hitters and Rutledge handled them well. Honestly it was a game that made you think he could be a #5 here.  He struck out some guys! He didn't give up a homer! And I hope to see him once more before the year ends. 

 If you're up late tonight tune into the Padres/Giants and watch one dreamer get basically eliminated and Houston take on Seattle in an absolutely HUGE WC3 series in the AL. You guys I'm sure hate Houston more.  Hell, I probably do to. But I'm not shedding any tears for Seattle.

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