Nationals Baseball: 16 million is what the Nats owe Werth in 2013

Monday, August 15, 2011

16 million is what the Nats owe Werth in 2013

Just to put in perspective what the Nats might have paid to sign these draft picks.

If any one of the four make it and is a productive player for the Nationals they at least broke even. If two players make it than they got a bargain.


QuietStormX said...

I think there is a good chance the Top four will be productive or even break out like several before them in the lineup. So I see this as making the club and organization that much better for years to come.

Donald said...

Any thoughts on Purke? He sounds a bit like Detwiler -- thin, throws across his body, mechanics issues leading to injuries, etc.

Harper said...

QSX - I doubt all 4 will matter - that just doesn't happen. But I'd be surprised if at least 2 didn't have some sort of meangingful major league impact.

Donald - Personally, I don't like injury risk pitchers. They are already overworked time-bombs coming into the minors and getting ones already inclined to go down seems like to big a risk.