Nationals Baseball: Wandy?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Off handedly heard that the Nationals claimed Wandy Rodriguez. No confirmation, no source. Just rampant speculation. The best kind!

It's the Rockies. Let the rampant non-speculation commence! Finish up those emails. Go get ready for supper. Pick the kids up. (rampant speculation is a lot more fun)


Anonymous said...

or not...!/Ken_Rosenthal/statuses/106082397312921600

Donald said...

With so few top of the line starting pitchers entering the free agency market this off season, does that boost the value of guys like Lannan and Detwiler above where they'd normally be?

Anonymous said...

Slowwwwww journalism. I heard it was the Rockies way before you posted this.

Harper said...

Donals - You sign FA to help now. Detwiler doesn't really fit that bill. lannan... eh maybe a little, but what contender has astarting CF to spare in a deal simply to fill out the middle of their rotation?

Anon- You're lucky you aren't getting my mailed newsletter. Get ready for the 2011 Draft Preview. I predict they are going to take Bubba Starling.