Nationals Baseball: Who gets called up?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who gets called up?

Marrero is here and it's already down that Tom "MayDay" Milone will get some starts. Who else will get the call?

Peacock is one we all want to see and after a rough patch, he's seemingly earned it. He has a 3.19 ERA in 48 AAA innings and in his last 4 games he's given up 3 runs in 22 2/3 while striking out 25 guys. Walks are still an issue (9 over the same time frame) but given how his stuff has been talked up it would be disappointing to fans if he didn't get a chance at a start or two. Lombardozzi is also a favorite (.320 / .364 / 426 in 64 games at AAA) but he's been slumping a bit and the current MI combo is a bit sensitive about the possibility of giving up time. I would say that actually makes me want to see him up even more. Ian and Danny don't run the team and should be able to take things like this as they come.

Other possibilities? Hitting wise there really isn't much. It be a shame if "good story" Matt Antonelli didn't get a few games in (.299 / .393 / .463 in 84 games) as at the worst he could showcase himself into an interesting trade piece. Other than that you're probably reaching. They'd love to bring up an OF I bet but the best in AAA is Bernadina and in AA it's 28 year old Archie Gilbert. I would like to see Archie get a couple at bats as a reward for not only his nice season, but being a career minor leaguer who stuck it out. Still that's not anything to get excited about. Anyone else? Michael Aubrey? Not firing up the juices.

On the pitching side, any reliever could come depending on what they are looking for. Zech Zinicola (1.88 ERA in 24 innings in AAA) might have the best chance but who knows? It's more likely they'd bring up a guy that has stuff they like than worry about who had the best performance over a 30+ innings. Starters - I just don't see it. No room.

Any ideas who you want to see?

Side Notes

The Nats can't hit well. The Giants are even worse. Jair Jurrjens ERAs against these teams are respectively 9.90 and 7.50. Ok it's only 3 games but his worst ERA against any other team is 3.38.

Thanks to generous draft contracts the Nats have 3 guys on their 40 man (Bryce, Purke, Rendon) who they have no intention of playing until they're ready. I don't think it will matter next year. It's not like 37 guys for a month isn't enough if they happen not to be ready. But I guess a rash of injuries coupled with a playoff push could make things interesting.

By the way Bryce's current AA stats? .256 / .329 / .395. For comparison A-Rod went .288 / .391 / .441 in very limited action before moving to AAA. Griffey went .279 / .353 / .492. Please note that Bryce still is only 18 and I'm comparing him to two Hall of Famers. He'll still be here sooner rather than later and he'll still be good, but hopefully this helps you realize that it may not be next year and he may not be the greatest player ever. Would 2013 and a multi-year All-Star be that bad?


Anonymous said...

Do players called up in September need to be on the 40 man roster?

Hoo said...

What? No love for Maya or Mock?

I'd like to see Zincola or Wilkie for the Jorge Padilla glad you made it call up.

Bryce's AA numbers are saying he's not ready. Which means maybe in 2013, when everything comes together perfectly assuming Znn is here.

But looking out that far, makes me really worried about Werth's contract.

Harper said...

Yes. Though you can fiddle with the 40 man a couple ways, moving guys to the 60 day DL, DFAing players being the most popular.

here's one blogs take on what the Nats might do to clear up space.

Harper said...

Hoo - Lots of love! Tons! Just goa a shirt that has pics of them under the title "The New M&M Boys"

Maya and Mock are already on the 40 so I assume we'll see 'em even if we don't want to.

Anonymous said...

the giants have 200 less strikeouts oh you make sense but rizzo ignores players he didnt sign