Nationals Baseball: Monday Quickie - Weekend Warriors

Monday, May 24, 2021

Monday Quickie - Weekend Warriors

In May the weekend Nats have played like the 90+ win team they need to. They swept the worse than them Marlins (better than expected), lost to the better than them Yankees away (talent difference is clearer now then it might have been then), won a series at the worst than them D-Backs, and swept the worst than everyone(?) Orioles at home.  The problem is the midweek Nationals who got swept by ATL at home, lost a series to the Phillies at home, and lost 3 of four at Chicago. 9-3 Friday through Sunday, 2-8 Monday through Thursday.  

This past weekend the Orioles series was closer than it should have been, imo, beating the Orioles by 1, 2, and 3 runs. On game 1 the pitching held (of course - it was Max) but the bats looked a little off, in game 2 and 3 the bats came alive against the AAAA pitching but the starters, and some relievers, failed. But all in all this doesn't matter. It didn't line up against so both failed at the same time and the Nats pulled off the sweep they needed. 

It's hard for me to take much away from this series, kind of like the sweep of the depleted Marlins. It's good. They should do this. But they should do this soooo much that doing it shows bare competence. If there is anything I do take away it's that against a bad team both Corbin and Lester didn't look good. All in all that's not terrible from Lester. It's kind of what you should expect from him and his 4th spot. Sometimes he'll be bad and can't get out a bad time. Sometimes he'll be good and hold down a good team. But now that's what I think of Corbin too meaning your supposed strong #3 is really just a regular up and down #4.

While the Nats swept the NL East made sure they somehow both ended up in a better place AND didn't get out of 5th. The leaders stumbled. The Phillies lost 2 of 3. The Mets lost two of three. The stragglers gained. The Braves swept the Pirates. The team the Mets lost to? The Marlins. God bless the NL East. The NL East lacks a truly bad team but man it's a mediocre bunch. 

Up this week are two NL Central squads. The Reds are a bunch of mashers with poor pitching. But the pitching isn't SO bad that I don't think they can shut down a quiet Nats line-up.  They'll have to hit someone who should be in the majors, as opposed to whatever the Orioles were putting out. The Brewers are the opposite - a pitching heavy team with no lineup with Yelich out... but Yelich is back so a lot will depend on which pitchers line-up because they have a couple guys they Nats can beat and a couple guys they'd have to hope for some Max or Stras domination for.


Anonymous said...

So Harper, what's the expectation/prediction/need for the Reds series? I assume a 2-1 series win, right?

Harper said...

I have to check the probables but that seems most likely

Ole PBN said...

I loved the headline in an article recapping Sunday's win on the Nats site: "Avila, Corbin 'Really Good'"

Yep. 11 hits, 4 ER, 2 BB, 3 K in 5 2/3 innings is really good. Against the formidable Orioles, no less. Nice job Patrick, very nice indeed. And Avila was able to up his batting average to an impressive .182 in the process. What an amazing day.

But hey, a win's a win.

Anonymous said...


It was a quote from Davey Martinez, responding to a question about how he thought Corbin and Avila worked together after not having worked together in many years.

“They were really good,” Martinez said. “Alex [Avila] had no issues blocking balls, he got some balls down. I thought they worked well together.”