Nationals Baseball: Nats still stink - but O's are worse

Friday, May 21, 2021

Nats still stink - but O's are worse

1-3 in Chicago isn't good enough. Neither was Joe Ross' performance. He didn't finish 4 innings, giving up 5 hits and a walk with a homer in 3 and 2/3rds. It could have looked worse on the old ERA, but ultimately errors counted for a couple runs and coming in in relief Sam Clay almost had it break open on him but held it together. 

After the last couple performances and Fedde's great one I kind of think the Nats have to go with Fedde now. At least for a couple starts. However, Fedde is out on COVID protocol having tested positive on Wednesday. That puts him in quarantine for 10 days potentially freeing him on the Sunday before Memorial Day. This gives Ross one more rotation go, though with a day off the Nats could choose to skip a spot (they won't). 

1-3 isn't cutting it but hey, they weren't going to do everything they were supposed to. Most would be fine. What's supposed to at home versus the Orioles?  That's a sweep. 

The Orioles, unsurprisingly, are not a good team.  They have a couple good bats in Trey Mancini and the emergence of Cedric Mullins. Austin Hays is probably ok, Galvis is probably having a fluke start and that's the extent of the guys you have to think about (DJ Stewart will take a walk, I guess). Maikel Franco has shown why he wasn't pursued. Pedro Severino you know. Ryan Mountcastle is their DH alot of the time and the prospect has had REAL issues with major league pitching (50 strikeouts and only 6 walks). They DFA'd their 2nd baseman for being too bad and their replacement is worse. It's a bottom of the line-up you should sail through as a pitcher. 

The relief pitching is actually not terrible Paul Fry, Cesar Valdez, and Cole Sulser have all pitched very well. A couple other guys have had decent results. The starting pitching on the other hand is John Means, who is excellent, and 4 terrible guys. The Nats miss John Means - a guy with great control that gets a lot of weak contact. They also miss the worst pitcher in the rotation Dean Kremer. But don't worry the other three are nearly as bad.

Jorge Lopez vs Strasburg

We have no idea what to expect from Strasburg, who struggled before getting pulled for an injury. Even against this bad squad let's set the expectations low; 5-6 innings, a couple runs. He should be able to do that and I'd take it and move to next game. Jorge Lopez  has bounced around the league and has only ever been good in relief. That didn't translate though to a short start opener. Just a guy that does nothing particularly well.

Bruce Zimmermann vs Lester

If the Nats are going to lose a game I guess this is it? Lester showed that he is that back of the rotation guy last start. A good back of the rotation guy, but a back of the rotation guy nonetheless. When he's off he can be hit pretty hard. Zimmerman can have a good start now and again. He has some potential for good control and in the minors excelled at keeping the ball in the park. Hasn't been able to keep that up in the majors though. Had a good start last time shutting down the Yankees after some time off.

Matt Harvey vs Corbin

Corbin has looked good and should again here. If you can say one good thing about Harvey - he doesn't give up the home runs or at least he didn't. Two in his last game along with his usual walk or two and hit an inning and no K's.  Man what a bad staff. 

If the Nats are any good they need to sweep this series. 2-1 won't make me angry but unless Strasburg isn't right or one of the starters gets injured there is no excuse. These are bad starters so the Nats should score runs. It's a bad line-up so the Nats should hold them down.


Cautiously Pessimistic said...

The Nats offense will make all three of these guys look like Means. That's just the state of things right now and until they prove otherwise, it doesn't matter how good or bad Stras, Lester, and Corbin are. I suspect they'll have a 2-1 series win, with the loss being 1-0 and one of the wins being a total blowout

The Ghost of Ole Cole Henry (JDBrew) said...

On a positive note, Bell has hit the ball pretty well the past week or so. Maybe starting to get into a groove? Or just luck?
At first glance I thought schwarber had shown improvement as well. But looking at splits I realized, nope, same in the past week as he has done all year. Maybe a hair better, but nothing of note.
But with Bell, maybe?