Nationals Baseball: Monday

Monday, September 19, 2011


Somehow the Nats turned a 4 game Mets sweep into a must win game against the Marlins on Sunday but hey, they wouldn't be the Nats if they didn't, right? The Nats offense has been pretty miserable but a combination of good pitching and bad opponents has kept them out of last. Could they still fall past the Marlins?  Sure.  But with a 5 game lead in the loss column it would take something crazy.  For example if the Nats go a mediocre 3-7 in their last 10, the Marlins would have to go 7-2 to pass the Nats.  Seriously, not this year.

Over / Under challenge Update:

Mike Morse :  .300 average  - OVER (.302)

Danny Espinosa :  20 homers - UNDER (19)

Pudge Rodrgiuez : 1 hit. - UNDER (still no at bats)

Ian Desmond : 4.0 K / BB ratio - UNDER (3.94)

Jayson Werth : 100 OPS+  - UNDER (97)

Nats Offense : .700 OPS.  - UNDER (.691)

Strasburg : 18 innings pitched.  - UNDER (14) but set up to pass

John Lannan :  9 wins.  (over or match bet) - MATCH (still at 9)

Milone + Peacock + Detwiler : 5 wins - UNDER (4)

Tyler Clippard - 2.00 ERA - UNDER (1.84)

Drew Storen - 39 saves.  - UNDER (38)

A good half of these are counting stats so don't be discouraged by the domination of the UNDERs.  


Wally said...

3d to last is still a toss up, imo.

Storen at 38 saves after yesterday.

Don't see any way they take a step forward next year without 2 bats. Expecting a significant step up from 5 existing spots just seems unrealistic.

Harper said...

Storen - fixed! (tied with Hanrahan)

5 steps up, with no steps back mind you (morse I'm looking at you). But what bat? What position? I think they cross fingers hope for a Ramos/Espinosa and Werth resurgance and wait for Bryce.

Wally said...

A bounceback from Werth is the most reasonable of those, followed by Ramos.

CF is most obvious. It doesn't even need to be a great one (although that would be nice), but trading for Byrd would help quite a bit, or even signing Crisp if he can stay healthy. Also, can't see them winning with both Desi and Espy at MI; one of those spots needs to add more to O. the problem, as I see it, with doing that this offseason is Rendon. I feel pretty sure they extend RZim, and 2B is the natural place to add Rendon, since I see Harper and Werth in the corners.

Wally said...

By the way, I hope that they don't rush Bryce up next year. He seems like a guy that is going straight to free agency, and I would play this one like Tampa does and make sure that the prospect is as ready as possible, in order to maximize his 6 years of control. 2013 is plenty soon enough for me.

Harper said...

I think Danny can maintain his pop all year long. He may not bat much more than .230 (or he may) but he should hit 25-30 homers next year.

Meh - seems like they'd be getting either of those guys on the downswing. I agree with the MI situation evaluation except for one thing: I want to see Rendon before I annoint him a major league starter.

As for Bryce... we'll see if he's ready he should come up. I've always maintained that. You can't worry about what's going to happen 6 years from now. Too many question marks.