Nationals Baseball: Third!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011



After losing the second game to the Astros on the 10th of September the dream was dead.  The Nats would have to go 15-3 (or better) in their last 18 to hit .500.   Welcome to slumberland, little Nemo.  The Nats are 13-3 in their last 16.  Two wins to go for over .500.

Everyone knows a good thing when they see it, even mediocre veteran outfielders. Rick Ankiel wants to stay.  So does Jonny Gomes.  Better get your act together Laynce!

And now Ozzie is coming to the NL East.   Next year looks like it's gonna be all sorts of fun.


Secv 204 Row H Seat 7 said...

Forget .500, our mutual pick of 79 wins was in dire jeporady. Then the magic of DJ kicked in, and the veterans, call ups began to play. I am willing to forego any more wins, because I want wins agains the Fish to be credited to next season's account where they will be needed and count more. Can't wait for 2012 ST, heck I can't wait for 2011 AFL!!

DCNatty said...

Thats the same logic I began using with Werth mid August. No more them for next year.

Either way 79 wins is more then even the most optimistic outlook from any "expert".

It all depnds what they do in the offseason if they can truly contend next year. Then again if we had another month to go this year I think theyd make it, considering no one appears to want to actually make the playoffs.

DCNatty said...

ps. Gomes and Ankiel have got to be gone next year. Horrible.

Harper - who are availbale CF free agents this year? Or any we could possibly make a move for?

Hoo said...

Davey is playing this team likes Nats are 2 games out in '12. The lineup over the last 2 weeks is what you expect to see next year.

Ramos 75% of time, Flores 25%.
Dez/Espi (so much for Lombardozzi getting some starts...1 AB in the last week!).

And of course the idea that if a starter goes 6, the Nats can win. The Nats have had a really good pen the last 2 seasons and if the Nats can make a playoff run, I think they'll battle the Bravos for best pen of any contender.

BTW, who would have guessed that Gomes/Ankiel are 2 of the top 7 mostly costly Nats salary wise.

Harper said...

S204RHS7 - You can do that? Why the Nats should have been banking wins all year long! What fools they are!

DC Natty - It's the same logic Werth has been using all year I guess.

CF free agents that are good? Ummm You could gamble on Grady Sizemore, I guess. It's a weak class. Beltran can give you a bat but isn't really a CF anymore. Coco Crisp might give you a decent season in the field but could bomb at the plate. McClouth, Patterson, Ankiel...

For trade? BJ Upton is going to remain the top target I bet. Though he's raising his price with the late season surge. Matt Kemp if the Nats want to clear out their minor leagues. Marlon Byrd if they want a stop gap. Dexter Fowler maybe.

I always liked Chris Young but Arizona's surge to contender makes this deal seem more unlikely. Other people love the Angels Bourjos, but I don't see the Angels dealing him given the age of the OFs they have

Harper said...

Hoo - Top 7? You sure? Maybe by 2011 salary (maybe) but the Nats aren't covering all of Gomes pay for the year.

Hoo said...

Harper: Just on paper salary. I'd guess there's a good chance that 5/10 Nats are gone. Forget how cheap this team, mostly b/c they're young. Pudge is the #3 salary, Then Ankiel, Gomes, Coffey, Livo in top 10.

Lot of room to spend more. I think the Nats pull the trigger trading some of the youngsters for the CF.

Froggy said...

14-4 since Sept 11th...80-81 at the end? And the Braves are NOT in the playoffs. Whodathunkit? Looks like the Nats don't stink after all.


Gomes has to go, but Nix did have the second best AB/HR ratio to Morse this year (20.3 to 16.8), and his numbers were slightly better than career average. I think he stays as a 4th outfielder.