Nationals Baseball: So ummm...

Friday, September 09, 2011

So ummm...

sweep the 'Stros?

Barring that cirucumstance we can pretty much wrap up the "Nats get to .500 talk"   Yeah, I know that talk mainly went away after that 6 game slide to end August, but when I looked at what it would take to get there a few posts ago it wasn't THAT crazy.  Certainly it was more likely that not beating last year's win total.  But now going 2-4 at home so far, yeah that''s just not going to cut it.  So resign yourself to mid-70s, and watch those kids.

How are the kids? Way too early to tell.  Get back to me at the end of the year.  Only Marrero has really piled up the playing time.  And why is that exactly?  I'm thinking it's as much for Morse as for Chris.  The more time Morse plays in left the better because it's unlikely he'll be at first next year.  Slick-fielding, still under contract LaRoche or a big bat seems more likely.

Lombardozzi got his first start... at 2nd base.  I suppose you could say it's because Danny Espinosa was tired, and Davey cites the 7 Ks in the last two games.  But in the two games before that the kid was 4-5 with 2 walks and a HBP.  Not to mention that Lombardozzi Espinosa was primarily a SS in the minors (I have no idea what I was thinking.  Where's my blog editor?   I don't have one? Well then where is all that money going?) .  No, once again they are bending over backward for Ian Desmond. You better get better Ian, because this team acts like the prospect pecking order is Strasburg/Bryce, then Ian Desmond, then everyone else.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the scouting report on Lombardozzi that his arm isn't strong enough to be a Major League SS?

Donald said...

I think Lombardozzi was a 2B in the minors. Starting him at 2B in place of Espinosa just implies a day of rest for Danny. If you start him at SS in place of Ian, or shift Espinosa to SS, that implies you are looking to replace Desmond. I don't think they wanted to send that big a message when all they wanted to do was give the new kid a chance to play.

Anonymous said...

Lombardozzi doesn't have enough skill defensively to play Short. That's why he played 2B.

Anonymous said...

Update: he also can't hit. At all.

Froggy said...

The Lombardozzi experiment is over.

I know I'm being to harsh, but when I watch Lombardozzi in the field and at bat, Desmond looks like Derek Jeter. Gotta love that arm...Lombardozzi...well, uh not so much.

So out of curiosity I looked at Jeter compared to Desmond numbers THIS year and defensively Desmond beats Jeter in every category except errors. Offensively different story (of course), but take into account the difference in games played and it matters.

GP:133 IN:1148 TC:606 PO:193 A:391 E:22 DP:74 FPCT: .964

GP:107 IN:923 TC:375 PO:117 A:248 E:10 DP:49 FPCT: .973

In 26 more games, Ian has 225 more total chances, and 76 more put outs than Derek and only 12 more errors. In my humble opinion, Ian's job is safe.

Anonymous said...

his .287 OBP should say otherwise

Hoo said...

Lombo is going to cause Espi and Dez to sit a bit.

I think these weeks are the Chris Marrero trade showcase special. He can become more than just a throw-in in a trade deal if he keeps hitting these doubles.

Team is doing what it should do. Give most of the youngsters extending playing time and preparing for 2012. Morse in Left, Werth in CF, Pudge benched, Milone, Peacock as starters etc.

Finally, I love that Davey came out and said that Pudge won't play much the rest of the year. Exactly what the team needs to do.

Section 222 said...

Seems that Marrero can hit MLB pitching, and Lombardozzi can't. At least not yet. Remember what Espi did last September? I'd give him a few more starts (just a PH appearance every few games is awfully tough), but not sweat it too much. It won't kill us to keep him in the minors or to trade him as part of a package for a solid #3 starter or a CF/leadoff type. He's not going to bring us a World Series championship.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Desmond is that the team could handle his poor hitting, if he was the only weak spot on the team.Plenty of teams have a starter who can't hit. The problem becomes when you only have so many hitters under .260 and then Ian becomes a bigger liability. I suspect that next year we will see the Desmond-Espinosa combo again and that Nat's management are hoping that one or both start hitting better.

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