Nationals Baseball: It's a good thing

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It's a good thing

My cold robot heart does feel the flicker of emotion from time to time when a synapse fries.

Fans of the Nationals (and independent reporting) rallied behind Mark Zuckerman and are sending him to cover the team in Spring Training. Whatever trepidation I may feel about the larger picture, the small story is one to feel good about. A group of fans can get the coverage they want and more importantly a man can keep doing his job for a few more weeks. Nothing wrong with that.


Bryan said...

In an increasingly personalized news world, where RSS feeds allow you to filter out the info or news you don't want, this could be the future - you pay for the individual's whose news you want. Maybe they still band together under a single entity, say the NY Times, but you pay only for "your guy."

That guy then lives off of the share he negotiates with the Times itself. The writer would actually have a decent amount of power in the end, since he could reasonably argue that he can take his "following" with him, since they pay "for" him.

Could be an interesting system.

Harper said...

whatever happens, let us all agree that if it is bad, it is Guzman's fault.

Unknown said...

I actually made my contribution conditional to the "It's Guzman's fault" theme of all reporting. I'll ask for my money back if Guzman is not blamed repeatedly for the team's poor performance, injuries, earthquakes, war and anything else wrong in the world...