Nationals Baseball: The Timing is all Wang (o)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Timing is all Wang (o)

This is the best thing to happen to crappy blog post titles since Livan left here. Since Wang is actually pronounced "Wong", I've also included a handy pronunciation guide, following up what I assume will be dozens and dozens of crappy titles with a (o) if using the correct pronunciation and (a) if using what us Babe Ruths would say.

Wang signed for 1 year, 2million. It's not a bad deal or risk. At least Wang has the age and the former pedigree to make you think he might be useful (unlike the other stiffs brought in here). Would I rather see the Nats take bigger risks? Sure, but baby steps must be taken before we tie Rizzo to the mast of a ship to get him sailing.

My only question is when will Wang even see the light of day? Originally the timetable for mound throwing was 6-8 weeks, which would have been around the last week of February. Right now though - still no word, which kind of rules out this month. Apparently, the surgery healing process would be a bit behind schedule. The later he pitches off a mound, the later he pitches in a real game. It's likely he wont' even see minor league work until mid-late April. Then, even if he's great, he wouldn't be up with the team till... early or mid May? I'm thinking even later than that, given what I've read and the fact the Nats should be cautious. It's a 2 million dollar deal for maybe 4 months or 2/3rds a season of pitching. This when they wouldn't pony up an extra few million for Orlando Hudson.

I guess in the end though, this isn't a signing for this season as much as it is for the this season and next. As Mark Zuckerman notes - the Nats will have arbitration control over Wang for one more season. It's a 2 million dollar gambit on seeing if they can get a deal on Wang next season. God (and FJB) knows the Nats love arbitration.

Seriously read this piece.

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