Nationals Baseball: Sometimes you just need innings

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sometimes you just need innings

Not good innings, but good enough innings. On an arm you could care less about not a youngster you want to develop or a long reliever you hope to use for a couple years. From someone you feel certain isn't going to come up lame and force your hand. It also helps if the guy is a fan favorite.

Welcome back (potentially) Livan.

You may not want to see Livan take a spot in the rotation and hold back a youngster, but let's be real. On the field the difference between him and one of those other quasi-young "prospects" will be minimal. (Off the field it's the difference between AWESOME and yawn) The Nats know what I know and what you should know, most of these guys aren't nothing. So don't worry about it. He's not going to be blocking a hidden gem. Plus...



Hoo said...

Livo, Schivo. Even as we speak, I'm tuning up the Martis bandwagon as he prepares to have another wonderful spring.

We've hit a small bump b/c it's hard to rhyme Martis.

Harper said...

From now on we'll call him Marty.

"Nats to Party with Marty"

Bote Man said...

You have clearly forgotten about his evil alter ego ¡Navil!

Harper said...

It's like Candyman or Bloody Mary Boteman. You can't say that outloud lest he come and eat all your Dippin Dots while walking 7 guys in 2 innings.

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