Nationals Baseball: Kennedy already-ah he-ah

Friday, February 05, 2010

Kennedy already-ah he-ah

Kennedy signs. Reiterating the big points about playing Kennedy.
  • Last year's power was a bit of a fluke. He's no better with the stick than Guzman.
  • There is value in platooning Kennedy with Guzman.
  • He's likely a better fielder at second than the Guz, but also no longer a great fielder
  • He's old and an injury away from being useless.
  • He absolutely MUST race in the president's race at one point next season
I said don't bother signing him unless it was for a platoon and he was cheap. We won't know how often he'll play just yet but, reiterating the big points about paying Kennedy: if the Nats paid less than 1 million, then I'm happy. That's throw away money and Kennedy is better than that. If the Nats paid 1-2.5 million, that's about what I expect. Let's hope they use him right or the Nats just get lucky. If they paid over 2.5 million then I see a disturbing pattern

Pudge - 3 million
Capps - 3.5 million
Hudson - offered 3+ million.
Kennedy - 2.5 million?

That would scream that the Hudson deal was less about value and more about budget. That there might be some barrier (4 mill?) where the team said Rizzo could do whatever he wanted but above that requires review. Just hypothesizing here, but remember - we're not giving this ownership the benefit of the doubt. Yes WE, I'm including you. You don't get a choice. You either follow my distrust or I'm drugging your Coke Zero and having my bodyguard Virgil II carry you along.

UPDATE : It's 1.25 million, with a 2 million option for next year. About on target. Let's see what they do with him.


Unknown said...

How did you know I was drinking Coke Zero as I was reading this blog post?

Oooh...I feel woozy...

Anonymous said...

His stats last year were better than Hudson's.

Harper said...

sass - Actually I put real Coke in place of your Coke Zero. The wooziness is caused by "flavor overdose"

Anon - well actually Hudson had a slightly better OBP and SLG. But let's not quibble - they were relatively the same offensively last year. What would bother me though is that Hudson was much better than Kennedy in 2008...and 2007...and 2006. The better bet is that 2010 is like those years as opposed to 2009.

Basil said...

Let's see what they do with him.

Give him 300 PAs and then flip him to the Dodgers for a reliever from Inland Empire?

Harper said...

the movie?