Nationals Baseball: Goddammit

Friday, October 07, 2011


Am I supposed to console myself with 5 World Series titles, the last of which was only 2 seasons ago?  I am?

Oh well, yeah that works ok, but no promises for next year.


Anonymous said...

Still drunk Harper?

Harper said...

Yankee fan, raised and still. But to answer your question, yes.

JD said...

Am I any less of a Yankee fan if I was more upset that Valverde didn't blow the save then the Yankees not going further?
What can I say, I don't like loudmouths.
Lets blame A-Rod.

michael k said...

Same here Harper. My friends make fun of me for liking both the Yankees and the Nationals (Yankee fans make fun of the Nationals, Nationals fans make fun of the Yankees), but I take it there are a lot of us out there.

Really, I wanted the Yankees to win so I could make fun of all my anti-Girardi friends for his pitching carousel working out (it did, but that get's forgotten in the loss).

Harper said...

JD - they want to make it a big deal but the Yanks already shut Valverde up by getting back to NY. In my opinion. But I'm all for guys guaranteeing stuff. It's fun if they're right or wrong.

MK - (of course Michael K is a Yankee fan!) I imagine there are a lot of DC area dual-fans out there. Of course in my head they are all O's-Nats fans which I'm sure someone will tell me is ludicrous and is not true at all. (I don't live in DC, How am I supposed to know?) I'm really less a dual fan than a Yankee fan who hopes nothing but the best for the Nationals (I can't wait till they get to the playoffs so those damn Zimm homeruns can come off the Nats Top Moments lists)

Unless Nova was really injured (I still kind of doubt it) I think he started the carousel too early (let Nova give up one more baserunner) that way you can avoid bringing in CC but otherwise it was a good idea. Too many managers don't treat elimination games like they should.

Wally said...

I started off as a NYY fan, but moved down here in the 1990's. Stayed with them through the early part of the 2000's and finally gave it up when the Nats came to town. Have only a modest feeling for them now.

They actually seem to be reverting to the Yanks of the 1980's.

So, as a NYY fan, would you trade Montero and Banuelos for Harper? As a Nats guy?

Harper said...

I'd say hard yes from the Yankees, easy no from the Nats. Montero will be very good, Banuelos... maybe so, but Bryce is a generational type talent. Montero's glove issues is going to make him more valuable to the Yanks than the Nats, which is why the decision on their end is harder but I'd still want Bryce.

Anonymous said...

How are you a Yankees fan and write a Nationals blog?