Nationals Baseball: Driving While Disappointing Advertisers

Monday, October 24, 2011

Driving While Disappointing Advertisers

Phew. We were one Napoli swing away from "Cardinals staff is better than you think" articles.

Also, Joe Torre is thinking about banning beer in all clubhouses. This is insane. Oh it's not insane that they are thinking about doing it.  Sure it's an overreaction that infantilizes grown men, but this is sports- they do that all the time. No, it's insane because it's not a DUI or a death that causes this issue to reach a head, it's because THE RED SOX MISSED THE PLAYOFFS.

"Step out of the vehicle, sir."
"What's going on, officer?  What did I blow?"
"A nine-game lead for the Wild Card, sir".


Hoo said...

Deja Vu it seems.

Strange world series with LaRussa's brain and phone dying at the same time.

Harper said...

I didn't see the post game interview but I'm hoping the crowd of reporters started chanting "Bullshit" at him.