Nationals Baseball: Please lose St. Louis

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Please lose St. Louis


(Sorry Lance Berkman)


Dr. J said...

Harper, I don't see any way to write you. I thought you'd be interested in checking out this post on playoff systems in Korea and Japan.

Harper said...

That is interesting.

I get disheartened about the whole playoff thing the more I think about it because the absolute best playoff system, devoted truly to finding and annointing the best team that year, will never be adopted by anyone. That's because the absolute best system should change from year to year.

If a team goes 120-42 and the next best team in the league wins 87 games, what exactly are we doing even having a playoffs other than giving the best team a window to fail? There shouldn't even be plaoyffs. If 3 teams in the three current divisions go 92 wins, 91 wins, 90 wins, and the WC has 90 wins? And what if that 92 win team beat up on two patsies in their own division but had losing records vs all the other playoff teams? In this scenario that Japan league would be way too favorable to the 92 win team.

But a rigid playoff structure guarantees a certain amount of $$$, not only to the teams but to the league in terms of TV deals. So what are you going to do? All I can think is that more recognition for being the best team of the year by the league would be nice. Maybe a cake.

Sec 204 Row H Seat 7 said...

4-3 baby!! Who knew the Cardinals had such a good bull pen?

Harper said...

They have some real good arms in there. Looks like most of their issues were with middle relief or with gusy no longer being put out on the mound

JDBrew said...

I read Joo's article, it was an interesting read.I like the system used in japan. However I do disagree with starting a team off with a one game advantage. In Japanese baseball I think this seems fair, mostly due to the small size of the leagues. Teams play each other numerous times throughout the year. But I think in the MLB giving a team a one game advantage is a would be a little unfair. There are some horrible divisions in the MLB, some teams are able to beat up on their division and inflate their win total against subpar opponents. I would agree that giving the one seed a first round bye is definitely something that I would like to be considered in the MLB. But I'm not entirely sold on rest beating rust. It's possible, but in my mind it effects the pitching more so than anything else. If a team's strength is in it's starting rotation, some pitchers in that rotation won't be pitching in a live game for 10 days to 2 weeks. I'm not totally disagreeing with you, I'm just stating that if I were a pitcher on a one seed in that system I would be a little trepidatious about having maybe as much as two weeks off before pitching in a pressure filled, and vital playoff game. Just my opinion. Great article though, I can agree with many of your points.