Nationals Baseball: Ugh

Thursday, October 27, 2011


The Cardinals and Anya win in the same night?  Double ugh.  Am I right?

What a terribly played, terribly managed, terribly exciting game. It's a shame it didn't just end with Nelson Cruz trying really hard to miss that line drive because that really captured what Game 6 was all about.


michael K said...

C'mmmmooooonnnnn....two 2 strike 2 out comebacks and a walkoff HR? Who *isn't* a Cardinals fan tomorrow, right buddy?

Positively Half St. said...

OK, so I wasn't a Senators fan when they left, and at 7 in NJ I didn't even realize it was happening. Still, combining that with my overall distaste for the state of Texas and its self-image, I really would like the Nationals to win a World Series before the Rangers do. The fact that it occurred in such an avoidable, heart-breaking way makes it even better.

Go Cardinals.


JDBrew said...

I actually liked the game. I do want the Rangers to win i think. I am however a big Pujols fan. But I'm pretty sure that I'm pulling for the Rangers. I really wanted to see a game 7. Game 7's are always the best things to watch in sports.

Hoo said...

I don't know what Cruz was thinking. For all the drama, that was an incredible display of ineptitude.

This is a World Series that is compelling in a car wreck rubbernecking type of way. It's hard to think who's rep hasn't taken a hit. Berkman/Freese have been money as has Napoli, Beltre and maybe Hamilton.

But Holiday, Pujols, LaRusso, Young, Washington etc. have had horror show moments.

Harper said...

MK - you should know that 2 out late inning comebacks don't turn people toward a team. See 2001 and Yankee Hero Byung-Hun Kim.

Still can't root for LaRussa, but I'll switch over if you can somehow remove him from the team.

+1/2st - Meh. There isn't a place on Earth that doesn't think it's somehow the best. Texas is just more blatant about it. It's like cultures saying "Now WE really like to eat and drink!".

JDBrew - I loved the game (and love Pujols), just didn't like the outcome. Game 7s are great though... usually (see Game 7 1985)

Hoo - Oh god - and he had a bead on it! Watch the replay and he starts sprinting initially, then begin to lope, followed by a terrible flat footed jump attempt. If he didn't hit a homer earlier I'd think the fix was in the way he played it to miss it.

I think we'd all rather see a impeccably played nail-biter, but embarrassing drama beats well-played blowout everytime.

Hoo said...

Harper: How Rangers fans handle Cruz will be fascinating. He's been a star for them. Yet the last image is going to be him going nonchalantly for the last out to win it all...and then he missed it badly.

I can't imagine what he was thinking, because he clearly slowed up. He misjudged the ball off the bat, in the air and when it landed.

Tonight's game could take 5 hours with LaRusso using 13 pitchers. Rangers should have the edge except I wonder about their mental fortitude after being almost locks twice in one night.

Harper said...

I doubt they'll be too harsh. He was a huge reason why they made the WS in the first place and his play didn't actually lose the game or the series. Plus the Rangers were only in a place to win because the Cardinals played so poorly themselves. From what I can tell there's a lot of anger but not a ton of direction for it.

calindc said...

@ Harper

I don't know about the non-forgiveness. Fans can be fickle when it comes to their losing franchises. We all saw what happened a few years ago when Cubs fans wanted to lynch one their own (literally, not figuratively) for doing something every single one of them would have done in his place.

Harper said...

yeah but that was more clean cut. Bartman Play happened, then the Cubs gave up 8 runs (8!), game 6 is essentially lost. Then they lose Game 7

Buckner, play happened, they lose game 6 on that play, they lose ame 7.

Cruz play happened, the Rangers give up 2, but game is only tied. The retake a 2 run lead only to have it tied again, then they lose it the next inning. If that had singularly lost the game then it might have been one of those moments but instead the anger is passed around. Cruz, Washington, Feliz, Olvier, Ogando. If anything the Rangers fans seem to be fixated on finding a reason to hate Michael Young.