Nationals Baseball: Offseason for everyone

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Offseason for everyone

With only 4 or 5 games left in the season (I'm picking the Rangers in 5 so gotta at least believe in myself) the baseball season is pretty much done. The Nats might be active in trades and free agency, but then again they might not be.  2012 is still not about the playoffs.  They could choose to wait it out another year and see how all those young players progress before making any moves. 2013 also looks to have a deeper free agent class and LaRoche will be done giving the Nats some more flexibility.  While I expect one trade, for either a starter or a CF, don't be disappointed if they do nothing.   Well... I can't tell you how to feel, so scratch that.  Don't be surprised.  Because I told you nothing might happen. I think that's fair

Given nothing is happening, the posts are slowing down. Look for more 3 posts a week than 5 posts a week during the offseason.  I'm also might get on Twitter (mainly because I still get confused at times reading tweets by those symbols and I don't like feeling that out of touch) so if you are dying for Nats baseball information there might be that. 


Nate said...

Bless you Harper, but if I'm dying for Nats baseball info, I don't come here first. Nice to see the ego is fully intact though.

See you when the Matt Kemp trade is announced.

Sec 204 Row H Seat 7 said...

I will see your Texas in five with CARDS in 6. If it goes to 7, I belive Texas will win.

One Brad Corbet (Sp.) is mainly responsible for Texas' long travail, him and the group who thought it would be peachy to have Dubya be the GM for a few seasons.

Wally said...

Harper - I enjoyed the season with you, thanks for the posts and opportunity to comment.

If you go Twitter, post your handle so that I can follow you.

Here's hoping for a Bourjos trade and an Oswalt 2/$25m FA deal under the Christmas tree.

Harper said...

Nate - I'd go even farther. It'd be a mistake if you came here anywhere sooner than 4th if you are looking for Nats baseball info. (I haven't thought about it too much but 5-10 is probably about right, but then again thinking about it is only going to push this number down, not up). I guess you took my "dying for Nats" line to mean more than it did. While my ego is super huge, but I don't mistake the relative pointlessness of this blog.

Sec 204 - are those the Oddibe McDowell years? He better be at the series.

Wally - thanks. That's asking Santa for alot. i don't think Rizzo's been that good this year.

Anonymous said...

There's about a 90% chance they sign Prince, so I'd say it will be a good offseason.

And, Wally, Oswalt? Ew, no thank you.

Harper said...

90%? That's pretty high. And dissuading the Nats from signing Oswalt? Are you Scott Boras?

calindc said...

Adding a Prince Fielder might actually stunt the Nats growth.


The Nats were hovering around .500 at midseason (60-61 if I remember correctly), include a little team improvement and Fielder's WAR (5.5 this year) and you have a team in contention. The Nats can easily go into a "win now" mode and sign over-performering players or trade key pieces. Our number one pitcher will be on a very (VERY) short leash next year (something like the Zimm limit of 155 innings). This team is just not built for 2012, but, if they're contending that brings in a lot of serious now or never questions.

Wally said...

Anon @ 8:30 - I think Oswalt profiles well for us. Should be affordable and relatively short term, plus his stuff is still good. This FanGraphs article captures his potential nicely, I think.

Section 222 said...

However infrequent, your insights are much appreciated. I'll definitely keep checking periodically.

Not sure why you, and everyone else, insist that 2012 is not about making the playoffs. Going from 80-90 wins is a huge leap, but if we sign a Fielder, Pujols, and/or Reyes, don't we become contenders at least? Wouldn't it be great if a fully recovered and not innings limited Strasburg (along with Harper's first full season in the bigs) was the last piece of the puzzle to win the World Series instead of just making the playoffs?

Ok, I'm dreaming I know, but the Lerners are BILLIONAIRES and I'd like to see them spend their money to bring a winner to Nats Park sooner rather than later.

Kenny B. said...

This is my realist "comedown" blog that I visit when I'm getting too excited about the Nats. The analysis here is usually pretty negative, but in the overhyped world of sports commentary, that's a good thing.

And definitely get on Twitter. It's a great way to pass along your own quick commentary as well as links to other items you think are worthwhile.

Harper said...

cal - I think that last sentence sums it up well. They aren't built for 2012 but they could very well have things break for them so that in July or August the playoffs look possible. What to do then? Nice problem to have.

222 - I think because of the limit on Stras, the uncertainty of Bryce and the back of the rotation, the dangling contract of LaRoche, the potential pitching free agent class in 2013, 2012 just feels more like the "foundation frame" of a playoff run. Signing a big name would put the Nats in contention but it would be the low level limits of that, because the Nats would still only be a mid-high 80s win team in talent. to really be a "playoff" year I think you need to build a team that can challenge for the division with a low to mid 90s win total. For that to take place in 2012, that would take either great luck in development and injury AND a good signing, or several good signings.

Kenny B - best thing about Twitter - writing columns is hard. Pithy comments - much easier. I like easy.

brendan said...

reyes and wilson. nationals off season acquisitions. let's see it happen. I've been saying that's who they should pursue since half way through the season. at least one, possibly both.

You can then use Desmond as trade fodder for a center fielder.

Best decision, yes. However... this does mean they need to seriously splurge on spending. BANK.