Nationals Baseball: Monday Quickie - To Die and Die in LA

Monday, April 12, 2021

Monday Quickie - To Die and Die in LA

The Nats were swept out of LA and while the games were mostly competitive, there was also a general feeling during them that the Nats were more hanging on then challenging. That's probably because they managed to get shutout twice, making in 3 times in 4 games they failed to score a run. Having trouble scoring isn't surprising given they are missing at least two starting bats - getting shut out three times already though... that's rough no matter what your excuse. For those that missed it :

Game 1 

Joe Ross looked so solid you figured he'd pitch until he got himself into a jam or got up there in pitches. Neither happened as he was pulled to avoid the lineup seeing him a third time. This genius move let the lineup see Luis Avilan once and Turner took him deep for the only run of a game. The Nats did hit Buehler but it was scattered and light. They'd have a real shot in the 7th but Victor Robles tried to steal second on his own and got caught and then Trea struck out, turning 1st and 3rd and nobody out to man on 3rd two out real quick. The Dodgers aren't dummies - they'd walk Soto and get out of it.

Game 2 

Here comes Corbin. And there goes Corbin. Wild and hit around he'd give up 5 in the 2nd and both the 3rd and 5th could have gone worse. The Nats would run Urias in the 6th but it wouldn't be enough as the Dodgers would get a bases loaded clearing double in the 8th to put the game really out of reach. In the 9th the Nats would challenge a call at first, win it, and give Soto a chance to bat and he'd hit his second home run of the game so that was meaningless but kind of fun. 

Game 3 

Kershaw vs Max lived kind of up to the hype.  Max looked real strong. Kershaw wasn't better but he did manage to keep the Nats off the scoreboard, most notably after WPing Turner to 2nd, striking out Soto, then getting the next two guys to keep it 1-0. Max did seem a little shaky in the 6th and given his struggles last game and his general tendency to give up getting tired homers, replacing him was a decent move. It didn't pan out though as the Zach McKinstry would homer and extend the lead. After a early couple singles against old pal Treinen he'd win a battle with Turner and the Nats would go quietly. 

What did we learn? 

Max looked like Max. A second point. This one good.

Corbin with all that time off and thrown into starting was terrible but see what I just wrote. You kind of have to ignore it for now. 

Ross looked good too. He'll do that so we'll have to see next time. 

The bullpen is getting some innings in and looking unimpressive. Though Brad Hand looked good. Hand is good. Hand is great! Good job signing Hand. Let's hope it matters

The batters have gotten their second series in and no regular is doing anything so crazy we need to note it after 15-25 PAs.  Maybe after St. Louis. I will say Lucroy is making a case for being on this team instead of Avila, which honestly they are interchangable back-ups. It'll be interesting to see if they try to DFA him because catching is usually thin enough around the league that someone would grab him up I think. 

Look we have to let these games go. 1-5 is just what happened to start and it's a tiny hole the Nats dug themselves. Assuming everyone is back tonight though - no more excuses. The Nats will probably come out of this 2-7.  If they are a 90 win team and play 90 win ball from here on out they'll have 87 wins. That's the cost of this little COVID thing. Don't let it happen again, because this team probably isn't good enough to make up a 4-14 run.


Fedde vs Gant - Fedde again? Yikes.  Gant is a stretched out reliever filling in so at least the Nats have that going for them. Against them is that he's pretty good. but then again as a stretched out reliever even if he dominates he'll be out after 5. 

Strasburg vs Flaherty - should be good. Strasburg was on top of his game last time. Flaherty was off his. You may have missed it but Flaherty was bad in 2020

Ross vs Wainwright - Hey we just said Ross looked good!  Wainwright did not but unlike Jack he was good in 2020. 

Let's go win one. Literally I'd be happy with one.


Kevin Rusch said...

I dunno, if they're gonna be any good, they're going to have to take 2. 1-3 against STL, even on the road, is how you miss the playoffs.

Harper said...

Especially in a three game series

Mainelaker said...

Is no one else concerned about Rainey? 94 is not 99, esp w/o movement.

Max David said...

Just give me 1. Don't have any confidence at all in Fedde (why is he even still a starter)?? Not expecting anything from today. Hoping they can split the final 2 games.

Harper said...

Maine - he started out slower last year too. I'd give him a month. Also he is 28+ he's going to slow down.

MD - bc lester still is out and he's the one they put in place? That's pretty much it - no real good reason. I figure L-W-L Stras looked real good and I think Flaherty is hiding an injury based on the before/after pitching we've seen in the last few seasons

Cautiously Pessimistic said...

Bell, Harrison, and Schwarber reinstated. Given that I now hope to see the Nats win 2 out of 3. This offense is anemic, but they were starting Perez so what can you expect? Hopefully we can start to see the bats pickup, because the pitching hasn't really been all that bad

Anonymous said...

Corbin was terrible in the first start in 21 and pretty awful in 20, Let's hope he regains some of what he had in 19 otherwise the Nats are stuck with him for 4 more years including 21 and paying him a ton of $. Have we not seen enough of Fedde? Why not start Voth and see what he can do. Looking forward to seeing Bell, Schwarber and Harrison in the lineup tonight, although I am sure they will be rusty with the Covid layoff. Also looking forward to seeing Ross again. He looked very good vs. LA. Need 2 of 3 in St. Louis, but probably will be 1 of 3.

Nattydread said...

1 - 5. Not the end of the world. No teams, even the 2006 Nationals, finish with a .166 winning percentage. Things will change.

All but two games were very close --- and we were helped by the fact that all teams in the division are off to bad starts.

Hard to evaluate what this team is when its missing the big bats. Nats have NOT been hitting HRs or extra base hits. Lets see if things change when the big boys arrive and can project Juan.

Having said this, I'm still in the Why Fedde? camp.

Anonymous said...


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