Nationals Baseball: Opening Day!*

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Opening Day!*

 It’s Opening Day!  And it’s so special it’s just for the Nats!

The Not Vaccinated Nine are : Josh Bell, Kyle Schwarber, Patrick Corbin, Brad Hand, Yan Gomes, Josh Harrison, Jon Lester, Alex Avila, Jordy Mercer. There’s no telling when they’ll be back exactly so enjoy a lineup with Hernan Perez, Jon Lucroy, and your hero Andrew Stevenson! 

Max is on the mound and Soto will get at least 3 AB so maybe it won’t matter

Let’s do this! 


Robot said...

Well, umm... on the plus side, they were four SOLO homeruns...

G Cracka X said...

Its a curly W in the books!!!! Soto walks off the Braves!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Lets Go Nats! Lets Go Nats! Let's Go Nats!!