Nationals Baseball: Tuesday Quickie - They're all quickies at this point

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tuesday Quickie - They're all quickies at this point

The Nats won!  They are still the worst team in baseball by record but last night was the first night they had a full team and they played like we expected them too.  This is a good team. There may be questions if they are good enough, but they are clearly not a bad team. 

Last night they again beat the Cardinals easily in St. Louis. The last two games were NLCS beatings - a 1 hit shutout and a 3 hit one-run affair. Last night they had 6 hits and 2 runs so I guess twe should look out for 8 hits and 3 runs tonight. Fedde looked good which is nice for depth purposes but this is likely his last go for a while (one hopes). Bell, Schwarber, Harrison, and Gomes all looked like major league hitters and made the lineup complete rather than a 1-4 affair. The Nats really only had one struggle point with Rainey in the 7th but he got through it.  I'd say that was the only downside to last night - Rainey again looking slow. The Nats though built a real pen this year and can afford one guy not doing well, if that's in fact what you see here. 

To bring in the COVID guys the Nats DFA'd Lucroy and demoted Yadiel and Garcia. Lucroy should go somewhere I think.  He could have stayed here but the Nats moves yesterday were what they should do - not let a few games influence decisions they made to start the year.  They want Mercer and Hernan Perez, they like Avila more than Lucroy? They may be wrong but you don't change your mind in 15 PA. 

There was the one game the Nats HAD to have. Now split the last two and you come away from the trip as expected from the B-Team situation the Nats started with.


colsny said...

Haven't been on the blog for awhile so don't know if you covered it already but...doesn't seem like this years team is built for defense. How much is that going to hurt us? Or not at all?

Cautiously Pessimistic said...

@colsny - Could very well hurt us. Looking at 2019, the only playoff teams that had negative Defensive Runs Saved were earth shattering offenses (Twins and Yankees). That said, I think the Nats aren't build to be bad, just average, and there are plenty of teams who have gotten to the playoffs on just average

KiwiNatsFan said...

Shouldn't we expect 10 hits and 3 runs? 1H 0R, 3H (+2) 1R (+1), 6H (+3) 2R (+1) => 10H (+4) 3R (+1). I realise I am a dork.

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