Nationals Baseball: MORE BASEBALL PLEASE

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Tired of the Nats already? Even though they've kind of stunk you probably aren't but TOO BAD. Baseball games are for suckers. After a day off yesterday there will be a day off on Thursday and that's too many days off in baseball.  The Nats are in a stretch where they play 8 times in 12 days - as someone replied on Twitter that IS good for Soto and the Nats - you want as many Soto games as possible so as many days off when he's out is good. But it's kind of bad for us. We want baseball! 

Anyway the Nats are off to face the Blue Jays. The Jays have a middling record but have gotten a little unlucky. Also they are good not because of all those good young bats you've heard of like Li'l Guerrero Li'l Bichette, and Li'l Biggio, but instead because of their pitching. Three starters having lights out starts to the year and a killer pen (at least in results). Is the pen really that good? David Phelps is the name you know and he's reliable. Ryan Boruki and Tim Mayza have pitched pretty well also but don't have a lot of history behind them.  Trent Thorton has been bad, and has pitched bad, but there are hundreds of pitchers - someone is going to get lucky. The Jays closer is talented but real wild. The Nats will miss Roark (he's out on Family Medical Emergency Leave - there's no info but we wish Tanner and his family well) but could see old friend Tommy Milone continuing his unlikely career as stop gap / long man / gotta have someone throw the ball.  

On the offense Guerrero is a star, Bichette is doing well, Biggio is struggling. The rest of the line-up is more like Biggio with only Randall Grichuk hitting the ball. (Semien has been hitting well recently but Guerrero is not) They have a catcher who - get this - has TWO hits in 45 plate appearances. So there's that. Ok onto the starters

Probables :

Max vs Thornton : Max is Max. (please be Max again).  Up there with the best in baseball.  Hey! It's Thornton. So they pulled him from the pen to be an opener last time out and he had one of his better outings.  Still that means a double and single in two innings. He was also decent in another long outing so maybe it's just the pressure of "you need to get THESE outs" that screws with him. Anyway the Nats are getting a bullpen day so should look to win.

Fedde vs Matz : Fedde looked more like classic Fedde last time out.  Not the terrible pitcher of start one or the great pitcher of starts 2 and 3, but a middling guy who can give you some innings while giving up a couple more hits and one more run than you'd like to see. While obviously anything can happen, history tells us not to expect more than 5 IP 3 ER. Take that and run. Meanwhile Matz has become one of the better pitchers for the Jays. He's not THIS good (a .214 BABIP will do that) but he has pitched well and overlooking 2020's debacle he's a dependable pitcher with flashes of better. He's what the Nats wish Fedde would become. 

Don't get swept! Really it's more win the first and hope for the best in the second because losing the first puts the Nats in a bad position. With any luck Max Max's and shuts the Jays down and the Nats can win like 2-1.


Cautiously Pessimistic said...

Trea is liking this Florida humidity

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