Nationals Baseball: Monday Quickie - The World keeps spinning

Monday, April 05, 2021

Monday Quickie - The World keeps spinning

 As it was when we last left the team the Nats aren't playing. They got enough clean tests to let them start up again - possibly today - but Rizzo really wanted them to get a full practice day in before starting. This is in part, in my estimation, because John Lucroy will be starting behind the plate. Signed in a rush a couple days ago the last good years ago (2016! That's a whole president ago) Lucroy will presumably sit behind the plate while Avila and Gomes sit out.  No, we haven't heard Gomes name as someone who might be out - but why not just call up any warm body if it's just one catcher? 

Avila is a name we've heard along with Schwarber, Harrison, and Lester. My guess is we find out for sure only when we need to - that way the Nats don't have to say anything about anyone. 

The silver lining? I guess Soto will be healthy and starting by now, right?


The big news among the parts of the division actually playing is that the Phillies swept the Braves. It wasn't a blow-out series, the Phillies won two one-run games. But it was a series where the Phillies shut down the Braves bats.  Is it the Phillies arms? The Braves bats? Is it too early?  YES! THAT'S IT! But as always we talk about what we can talk about and right now it's whatever we have on hand. One thing is that Wheeler looked good in 2020 and looked good in his first start. I really doubted him becoming a real 1-2 but it looks like that might be what he is.  It doesn't really change the rotation "analysis" I did earlier - the Phillies problems are still in the 4-5 and I already said their 1-2-3 was very good. Still, if you were hoping for an easy fall apart point for the Phillies that might have been it.  

More today if we get more official news


G Cracka X said...

10 players out for Tuesday’s opener?

Nattydread said...

NL East is upside down. Phillies helping out the Nats by slowing down the Mets and Braves. Wonder how real they are. Guess we need to wait until were 20 games in.

Flatness said...

Uh is the MASN app and streaming service some kind of elaborate April Fool's Joke? We are delayed 6 days due to COVID and it's still not on apple, or android, or roku. You can stream online via a website where you can only access it if you have cable provided by these titans of telecommunications: Armstrong, Atlantic Broadband, Bay Country Communications, Lumos Network, and DirectTV. That last one is a legit company. Wow bravo MASN, worst company in sports.

Egonadon said...

Can MASN be viewed on AT&T TV?

Harper said...

Egon - apparently yes but it’s a tier up so expensive.

Egonadon said...

Thanks. In SW Virginia we are technically in Nats territory so it's blacked out on MLB TV, but our local cable provider doesn't provide MASN. The only ways to get it are with DirecTV or (apparently) AT&T TV.

Anonymous said...


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