Nationals Baseball: Playoff Nats

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Playoff Nats

If you are interested in rooting for teams based on former Nats that played for them this season, here you go.  (and let me know if I missed any - it was late when I put this together)

Nyjer Morgan*
Jerry Hairston Jr
Wil Neives
Felipe Lopez
Marco Estrada*
Josh Wilson

Wily Mo Pena
Armando Galarraga (ok he didn't really ever play for the Nats but it feels like it, doesn't it?)
Jason Marquis

Brian Schneider*
Pete Orr

Corey Patterson
Miguel Batista

Endy Chavez*

Luis Ayala*


(thanks Steven at FJB for a couple more names - and yes, I cut the Rays out.  Losers walk.  Oh and I don't count the days of Colby Lewis in Spring Training. Only Major League experience and guys we've argued about his level of importance in a trade for years) 

*FINE - on Postseason rosters. It's not like anyone other than Morgan will get significant time in important innings. 


Steven said...

Luis Ayala
Colby Lewis
Josh Wilson (both ARI and MIL)
Felipe Lopez for TB too, and Joel Peralta (I guess cut the Rays already?)

And Bartolo Colon/Cliff Lee have special places in Nats history.

Harper said...

Yeah I cut the Rays. Don't know how I left off Ayala. Completely know how I left off Wilson.

Colby Lewis?

Harper said...

AH I see. Yeah I don't count ST, but maybe that'll put someone else over the rooting edge in the AL.

Anonymous said...

Less than half of these guys are actually on playoff rosters - Morgan, Hairston, Estrada, Schneider, Chavez & Ayala. And if you include Galarraga (no longer w/ D-backs), you should also include ex-Nats farmhand Michael Martinez, who's actually on the Phillies playoff roster.

Anonymous said...

Are all these guys on their respective teams' playoff rosters??

Harper said...

I realized the playoff roster thing when finishing up last night which is why I said "that played for them this season" in the first paragraph.

When it comes down to it its really Nyjer Morgan and a bunch of guys that don't really matter. WHich makes sense given to be a former Nat means you played on some pretty terrible teams.

Anonymous said...

Well given Nyjer has played for the Nat AND Pirates, he deserves a ring in my opinion.

brendan said...

Pretty sure Hairston is on the Brewer's postseason roster... unless there's another Hairston who looks just like him.

Ok fine, there kind of is.